If you are a sweet lover, this popular Indian dish will become your new favorite! Serve it with hot piping jalebis. This easy to make Rabri recipe tastes wonderful, especially after having an Indian meal. In fact, you can relish it anytime and enjoy its heavenly taste. 

In the early 1400s, Chandimangala mentioned Rabdi, thickened and sweetened milk, along with other sweets, as one of the best Indian sweet dishes. Originating in Mathura and perfected in Varanasi, the art of preparing Rabdi traveled to the East. Now, rabdi is loved by people all over the world due to its decadent taste and thickness! 

Toothsome Rabdi Recipe and How to Make it at home? 

Rabdi is nothing but a thick, creamy residue left behind after the milk is evaporated. It is a traditional Indian dessert and is often part of celebrations and festivals. However, with this easy Rabdi recipe, you will be able to whip up this sweet dish anytime you crave something sweet. 

It is prepared on low flame for a long period to get that perfect taste. Rabdi is a very customizable dish as you can make it in a number of ways, like Badam Rabri, Mango Rabri, Rose Rabri and Pista Rabri. It is a perfect dessert to which you can give your own taste and flavors. 

The best thing about rabdi is that you can enjoy it both hot and cold. You can also freeze it in popsicle sticks to make rabdi kulfis! You can make this delicious dessert with just minimum ingredients. So, let’s see how to prepare this go-to dish and enjoy it for days.

 Rabdi Recipe
Rabdi Recipe

Quick Stats 

Prep time: 10 minutes 

Cooking time: 15 minutes 

Servings: 5 serves 


  • 2-liter milk
  • One teaspoon of powdered green cardamom
  • Four drops of rose water
  • ½ cup sugar
  • One pinch saffron
  • 100 gm khoya

Method to Prepare 

  • Take a deep bottomed pan and pour milk into it. Bring it to a boil. 
  • Ensure that the heat is low. Keep boiling the milk until it is reduced to half. Take full cream milk for this recipe, as it will give you richer rabdi.
  • Meanwhile, finely grate the mawa or khoya and add it to the pan. Grate mawa in a way that there are no lumps. Otherwise, it will spoil the rabdi. 
  • Plus, keeping the flame low is a MUST! Also, stir continuously to avoid the milk from sticking to the bottom. 
  • Now, add the sugar and green cardamom powder and let it simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. 
  • Keep the flame low and keep stirring with a ladle. Once the milk is thick enough, switch off the heat and let it cool. 
  • Add one tablespoon of saffron to milk and dissolve it. Pour the saffron mixture into the rabdi. 
  • You can also add chopped nuts of your choice. Add rose water and give it a good stir. 
  • Serve it hot, or you can slide it into the refrigerator and serve it. 
  • Garnish it with nuts, and enjoy! 

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Final Words 

Rabdi is a milk-based, delectable Indian dessert made on special occasions in Indian homes. However, you can make this sweet dish any time and feast on its deliciousness, thickness, and creaminess with this simple recipe. So, try it and spread sweetness at your dinner parties!