Made in just 10 minutes with only six ingredients, this paneer chilli recipe will never fail to amaze you! No veggies, chopping, or extra cleaning – just one pan and this delicious paneer recipe will be ready. 

Paneer Chilli Recipe
Paneer Chilli Recipe

This paneer chilli recipe is different from the conventional recipe. You need not have to cut lots of veggies in this recipe.

A recipe with unique flavours and minimal effort – this paneer starter recipe is perfect for vegetarians. 

A Quick Paneer Recipe That Everyone Like! 

Hailing from the famed Indo-Chinese cuisine, this recipe bursts with tantalising flavours. Plus, there is no need to visit the market to get veggies, as this recipe can be made using ingredients already in your kitchen! 

The cornflour coating will provide tender paneer with a much-needed crunchiness, and soya sauce will bring the tang to the dish.

Adding schezwan sauce and red chilli powder will bring colour and spiciness to the dish, providing you with a perfect dish to enjoy during chilly winter evenings. 

So, without further ado, let’s see how you can make this quickfire paneer starter recipe and enjoy its flavours without much effort! 

paneer chilli recipe
Ingredients in the Frame!

Quick Stats 

Prep time: 5 minutes 

Cooking time: 10 minutes 

Servings: 2 serves 


  • 100gms paneer 
  • Cornflour, for coating
  • Oil for shallow fry  
  • A small bowl of soya Sauce 
  • Small bowl schezwan Sauce 
  • Salt, as per taste 
  • Mirchi Powder, as per taste  
  • Half cup water 

Method to Prepare 

  • Cut paneer into long slices. 
    • Coat them evenly in corn flour. 
  • Now, add oil to a pan. 
    • Add the coated paneer to the pan. 
    • Shallow fry until golden and crispy. 
    • Then, add soya sauce and schezwan sauce. 
    • Sprinkle red Mirchi powder and salt. 
    • Mix well. 
    • Add water and mix well to coat everything. 
    • Let it cook for a few minutes. 
  • Your easy paneer chilli is ready.
  • Serve hot, and enjoy! 

Serving suggestions

  • Serve this paneer starter with an easy Aloo Katli recipe and fill your party with crunchiness and fantastic taste. 
  • You can also use the remaining paneer to try this delicious Paneer popcorn recipe and enjoy a crunchy snack to munch while binge-watching your favourite show.