A famed dessert that is adored by both kids and adults alike, The Apple Crumble is arguably one of the famous English Desserts that has long gained for itself quite a respectable name. While it can also be enjoyed as food for comforting and stabilizing the mood, it is mainly prepared during festivals and special occasions.

The history of the Apple Crumble isn’t all too razzle-dazzle when you learn that it came into origin in the era of World War I. During that time, people did not have enough food rations to prepare various types of meal and neither did they had the luxury to add selective ingredients only.

From this need for a quick meal emerged the Apple Crumble dessert, it was both easy to prepare and was nutritious as well in the times where retaining strength was a crucial priority. Let’s learn about the health benefits of eating the Apple Crumble.

Some Noteworthy Health Benefits of Eating The Apple Crumble

Apples are rich in Vitamin A which is a wonderful antioxidant that naturally helps fight off inflammation and infections of various types. The other vitamins present in the apple namely Vitamin B & C aids the metabolism process, boosts immunity, and further prevents the aging of cells. 

The remaining nutrients found in the apples promote maintaining a healthier heart rate and blood pressure aside from also reducing the risk for several serious diseases and conditions such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, etc. This is possible due to the collective abundance of zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper, and potassium found in the apple fruit.

Apple Crumble Recipe
Apple Crumble Recipe

This recipe is quite easy to prepare and requires but a handful of ingredients. So, let’s dive into what all you shall need to make this all-capable meal that can be served as both a dessert or a snack to impress your friends, family, and guests.

Quick Stats:

  • Prep Time        –    15 minutes
  • Cooking Time        –    45 minutes
  • Serving            –    6 serving


  • Six sliced Medium Apples
  • 185g Flour
  • 130g Caster Sugar
  • 125g Butter
  • Three tbsp Oats
  • One tbsp of Sugar
  • Double Cream


  • Begin with preheating the oven at 190C and on the other side take a 4+ cm deep baking dish to mix in the sliced apples along with three tbsp caster sugar which should be gently flattened to avoid the contents from falling out of the dish.
  • Use a bowl to mix flour and 115g castor sugar before adding a bit of salt and also add 120g butter into it to be melded with fingers until the mixture appears crumb-like. You could use a processor but not overwork the texture.
  • Let the mixture be evenly poured onto the apples in the baking dish to be gently pressed onto the surface of the apples with the underside of a fork so that crumbs do not separate entirely.
  • Before you put this into the preheated oven for over half an hour, supply oats on the top along with some sugar and let it bake until the topside layer appears golden.
  • Remember to check the Crumble by poking it gingerly to see if it is softer on the inside and if it is, let it cool down for a couple of minutes before you serve it by adding cream and dry fruits as per your desire and taste.

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Nutritional Value:

  • Calories            –    632 k.cal
  • Carbohydrates        –    107 g
  • Protein            –    9 g
  • Fat            –    28 g
  • Sodium            –    710 mg
  • Sugar            –    61 g

Final Words

It has been around since WW2, and it has been making people awe in this delicious dessert ever since! So, the next time you want to make something unique and delicious for a dessert, don’t forget to try Apple Crumble.