Do you have leftover samosa in your fridge? Don’t throw them. Instead, try this street-style Samosa Sandwich recipe. It is easy, tasty, and can be made in just 10 minutes with very few ingredients. Plus, it will be a massive hit during Diwalis as this recipe can fill your celebration feast with explosive flavours.  

Samosa Sandwich

During the festival of Diwali, we will have lots of uneaten snacks, and samosas will always be present on this list. However, instead of waiting for them to go stale, this time, we will try this unique samosa sandwich recipe to create a crunchy and tasty sandwich that will ooze your guests and family members alike.

How to Make Samosa Sandwich at Home? 

Making this sandwich is so easy that you will be taken aback by its easy preparation method. This sandwich recipe requires no shopping at all. All you need to do is gather ingredients, assemble them, and roast the assembled sandwich in a pan.

This Indian street food recipe is so easy that you can conjure it up whenever you want. It will also give a new dimension to our beloved samosas. Grab some pipping hot samosas or use the leftover ones and serve them for an evening snack and give your family a delicious surprise. 

Let’s see how you can make this flavoursome dish with this effortless samosa sandwich recipe.

samosa sandwich
Samosa Sandwich: Ingredients

Quick Stats 

Prep time: 5 minutes 

Cooking time: 10 minutes 

Servings: one serve 


  • 2 slices of white bread 
  • Butter 
  • green chutney 
  • Leftover samosa 
  • one onion, sliced
  • one tomato, sliced 
  • Salt as per taste 
  • Chaat masala as per taste  
  • 1 cheese slice

For Garnishing 

  • Tamarind chutney 
  • Sev 
  • Dhaniya  

Method to Prepare 

  • Get one slice of bread. 
    • Now, Spread butter on one slice. 
    • Spread green chutney. 
    • Take samosa, crush it, and put it on the bread. 
    • Add two slices of each tomato and onion. 
    • Sprinkle salt as per your taste 
    • Put cheese slices on top of everything. 
  • Spread butter and green chutney on the second bread slice. 
    • Cover the other bread with it. 
  • Add butter to a saute pan. 
    • Put the sandwich in it. 
    • Toast it until one side is golden brown on medium flame.  
    • Now, add butter on the upper side and flip it. 
    • Sautee until golden brown. 
  • Transfer it to a serving plate. 
  • Cut it into four pieces. 
    • Drizzle tamarind and green chutney, sev, dhaniya, and chaat masala. 
  • Serve and enjoy!  

Serving Suggestions

  • If you want to make samosa from scratch, try this easy Punjabi Samosa Recipe, as it will help you make samosa in just 15 minutes. 
  • You can also give this samosa sandwich recipe a non-veg twist and add Chicken Samosa between bread slices to enjoy a lip-smacking sandwich at home.