Each day brings opportunities and challenges which would be tough to take on with an empty stomach. In such cases where the hunger is rampant on your mind, if there’s a chance that you could spare nearly forty minutes for a proper breakfast then the eggs & potato salad recipe is bound to satisfy you for hours on end.

Potato Salad Recipe with Eggs
Potato Salad Recipe with Eggs

Aside from the health benefits, which are ardently quite positive, the eggs & potato salad recipe is easy to prepare and the salad itself is easier to store for eating it later or carrying it with you on short hiking trips or cross cities.

Requiring no great effort and basic ingredients, the eggs & potato salad recipe will become your favorite morning meal in no time once you follow the procedures stated below to cook it enthusiastically.

Quick Stats:

  • Prep Time        –    10 minutes
  • Cooking Time        –    30 minutes
  • Serving            –    6 servings


  • One kilo of potatoes
  • Eight Boiled Eggs
  • One chopped Celery Stalk
  • Two cups Mayonnaise
  • One cup chopped Onions
  • Four minced Garlic Cloves
  • Three tbsp Salt
  • Two tbsp chopped Chives
  • 2 tbsp Dijon Mustard
  • Two tbsp Relish or Pickle
  • Two tbsp Cider Vinegar
  • One tbsp Onion Powder
  • Half tbsp Black Pepper
  • Half tbsp Garlic Powder
  • Cilantro


  • Start with boiling the eggs and placing them in cold water for ten minutes or directly peel them if they’re already boiled for refrigerating them for an hour.
  • Take a large pot to boil a liter of water and add salt into it before you stir it. Cut the potatoes into four halves and place them in the pot to be boiled for twenty minutes or so but only after peeling them. Do not over boil.
  • Take a bowl to be filled with water & ice to cool the potatoes for a little over ten minutes after draining them through a strainer.
  • Drain the potatoes again to be chopped into small cubes and place them aside to combine mayonnaise, mustard, relish, onions & onion powder. Also mix the garlic & garlic powder, black pepper, one tbsp salt, cider vinegar, and pickle or relish into the bowl.
  • Chop four eggs and meld them into the relish mixture along with adding the celery, chives, and potatoes. Add salt too if required.
  • To make the mixture creamier you could add half a cup of mayonnaise or more until the mixture seems satisfactorily creamy.
  • Let the remaining two eggs be chopped and added to be mixed into the salad mixture after a dollop of it is served in a dish. Place or sprinkle chives and celery leaves on top of the salad in the dish aside also adding cilantro.
  • Serve it warm or cold with buttermilk.

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Nutritional Value:

  • Calories            –    270 k.cal
  • Carbohydrates        –    36 g
  • Protein            –    6 g
  • Fat            –    10 g
  • Sodium            –    410 mg
  • Sugar            –    9 g

Additional Cooking Tips

  • For serving the eggs & potato salad cold, you could cover it with a plastic wrap after it is prepared to be kept in the refrigerator where it can last up to two days but avoid freezing it.
  • When serving the salad on public occasions, let the baking tray in which you place the salad be surrounded with ice underneath it to keep it cold and fresh.
  • Replacing the relish or pickle in the original eggs & salad recipe with mint chutney or schezwan sauce could work if you prefer those tastes.

Final Words

Try this potato salad recipe with the goodness of eggs! This salad is one of the healthiest and delicious salads you will ever try! So, without any delay, try this recipe today and present a delectable recipe and surprise your friends and family with this fusion recipe!