Are you craving flavored ice creams? If so, then let’s make something out of a fruit that we all crave. Yes, we are talking about the sweet-sour, plump and purple fruit named Jamun. We just love to consume loads and loads of this fleshy “Fruit of the Gods” and immediately check for a purple tongue. Today, we are going to learn the Jamun ice cream recipe and how to make our tongues purple again!   

Unique in color and taste – Jamun will give you a sweet and tangy explosion of flavor in your mouth. This taste of ripe Jamun is just heavenly, cannot be described in words! Then, let’s make Jamun-flavored ice cream to satisfy our sweet cravings! 

Summer is the season where you will be able to enjoy the fabulousness of this fantastic dessert! You can also serve it at parties or have it as a dessert after a meal to end your dinner on a sweet note. And the best thing about this ice cream recipe: it is entirely natural, and no chemicals or preservatives will be used to make this delicious ice cream. 

Enjoy this homemade Jamun ice cream which is yummy, delicious because of its natural color. Learn how to make Jamun Ice Cream by following these easy steps.

Jamun Ice Cream Recipe
Jamun Ice Cream Recipe

Quick Steps:-  

Prep Time: 5 minutes 

Cooking Time: 10 minutes  

Freezing Time: 10 hours 

Servings: 6 serves 


  • Jamun fruit, four cups 
  • Fresh cream, one cup 
  • Cornflour, four tablespoons
  • Sugar, two cups 
  • Boiled milk, eight tablespoons

Method to Prepare:-  

  • Deseed the Jamun and grind it to achieve pulpy consistency. Avoid adding water. 
  • Take a heavy-bottomed pan and heat milk and cornflour together. 
  • Ensure that no lumps are formed. Keep stirring. 
  • When it starts to warm up, remove the milk from the flame and let it cool. 
  • Once cold, add the Jamun pulp, sugar, and fresh cream. Mix them thoroughly. 
  • Freeze this mixture for one or two hours. 
  • After two hours, take the half-set mixture out and whisk it till frothy with the help of a fork or wire whisk. 
  • Slide the mixture into the freezer and let it freeze overnight. 
  • Remove and serve chilled and enjoy!    

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Recipe Notes:-  

  • If you want to make candies, then you can buy a popsicle set from the market. Fill them with this mixture and let them freeze overnight. Remove and enjoy cold and purple Jamun candies.  
  • If you are making Jamun candies, then unmoulding them will be difficult. No worries! Dip those molds into room temperature water and press the bottom of the ice cream mold. Apply some pressure and pull off the ice cream from the top. 
  • You can also use condensed milk instead of warm milk. It will help your ice cream to set perfectly and add more sweetness to it!  

Final Words:- 

Try these amazingly colorful and delicious Jamun ice cream with Jamun Juice and conquer the summer heat in style. This Scrumptious Jamun ice cream will satisfy your sweet cravings and give you a perfect dessert to make your party night unforgettable!