This delicious and appetizing Cochinita Pibil Tacos recipe is extra-easy to make in the Instant Pot or slow cooker. Full of savory, citrusy flavors – you can serve this traditional Yucatan recipe with tacos to burritos, nachos, and more.

Appetizing Cochinita Pibli Tacos

In Mayan tradition, a Pib is the type of traditional oven – where little more than a hole is filled with heated stones and leaf-wrapped meats are cooked on top of these stones. 

The pork was rubbed in Achiote paste, marinated in Seville orange juice, wrapped in banana leaves, then cooked on the Pib.  Then, this tender meat is pulled from the hole and served in its own juices, hot tortillas, and pickled onion.  

However, traditionally cooking Cochinita Pibil tacos is not possible anymore. So, we have listed a super recipe at home and keep the traditional flavors intact!  

One thing is the same as the traditional version – using achiote paste as the base for the marinade. You can find this ingredient at any Mexican grocery store, or you can order it online. 

Achiote paste is full of orange juice, lime juice, vinegar, and more and makes a highly acidic marinade! This is the reason why the meat added to Cochinita Pibil tacos is so delicious and flavorful.

Serve this Cochinita Pibil Tacos with Poc Chuc and enjoy traditional Yucatan cuisine for dinner! 

Cochinita Pibli Tacos
Cochinita Pibli Tacos

Quick Stats

Prep Time: 30 minutes 

Cooking Time: 2 hours 

Servings: 6 serves 


  • 1 kg(2¼ lb) pork leg
  • 450 g(1 lb) pork ribs
  • 1 cup of achiote or red adobo 
  • 2large banana-tree leaves
  • 120 g(4 oz) lard
  • sea salt
  • pickled onions, refried beans, and spicy chili salsa to garnish
  • warm tortillas, to serve

For Pickled Onions 

  • Three medium white onions, sliced into rings
  • 1 cup(250 ml) cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp muscovado sugar
  • 1 tsp whole black peppercorns
  • 2 allspice berries
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 3sprigs thyme
  • juice of 1 lime
  • sea salt 

Method to Prepare 

  • Make pickled onions a night ahead and let them pickle for the night. Follow the same process for marination. Marinate the meat and let it rest for at least 8 hours. 
  • Now, let’s make pickled onions.
  • In a large pot, pour water and bring it to a boil. Bring it to a boil and blanch the onions in the boiling water.
  • Keep the onion for around a minute and strain the boiled onion. 
  • Now, transfer them into a glass bowl.
  • Without any delay, add vinegar, sugar, spices, herbs, lemon juice, and salt. Stir slowly. 
  • Let sit, mixing occasionally. If possible, let marinate overnight.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the meat. Take a large pot and place meat in it. 
  • Now, pour the achiote sauce over the meat and cover the meat. Let it chill overnight, turning the meat occasionally, so the sauce reaches every part of the meat.
  • Now, take banana leaves and warm them over direct heat to soften them. Set aside.
  • Now, take a large pot and grease it with lard. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 300°F.
  • Then, grease the leaves with lard and then line them inside the greased pot. Keep enough of the leaves to cover the meat afterward.
  • Now, place the meat on the leaves in the bottom of the pot and then baste with lard and marinade. 
  • Season the meat with some salt and wrap it up with the leaves. Then, cover the pot and seal the edges with the help of aluminum foil.
  • Cook it in the oven for about two and a half hours. 
  • Remove the pot from the oven and let it cool, covered, for five minutes. Take out the pieces of meat. 
  • Shred the meat and put them into hot tacos. Now, add the pickled onions, refried beans, and hot chili salsa on top of it. 
  • Enjoy!  

Final Words

Young pig marinated in a clamor of delicious spices, including annatto, wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked until meltingly tender – Chocinita Pibil Tacos are one of the most delectable delights you can ever try! Try these traditional tacos and enjoy this flavorful Mexican dish!