Cob Loaf Recipe: Creamy Spinach Cob Loaf!

Cob Loaf Recipe: Creamy Spinach Cob Loaf!

Spinach cob loaf is a classic Australian party dip that you will never have enough of it! With just only 6 ingredients, you will be able to create a dip that your friends will be begging you for the recipe.

However, if you have never seen one and you are wondering what’s a cob loaf then we are here to help you. It is exactly what it sounds like – a dip inside a cob loaf, plus, it is totally addictive. Sometimes it is served hot like we serve the cheese fondue.

Where did the cob loaf originate?

You will be surprised to know that cob loaf has been a party pleaser for more than 100 years! It is one of the most consistently loved and popular recipes in Australia, where it originated. With time, cob loaf has also evolved. Once it was filled with only spinach, cheese, and French onion soup packet at an 80s Christmas bash, it has now several variations and a huge fan following!

Spinach Cob Loaf
Spinach Cob Loaf Recipe

How to Make the Best Cob Loaf Recipe?

A funky, fun, and retro sharing delicacy – cob loaf is a delicious crowd-pleaser! It is filled with the goodness of spinach and other veggies. A perfect way to make your kids eat their veggies without any tantrums. It is the recipe that belongs at any family get-together by default!

Cob loaf is one of the first appetizers to go with guests with the disclaimer of ‘scrap the bottom of the barrel’ to enjoy the delicious cream cheese and spinach filling! If you are having a potluck party or weekend family reunion, this is the recipe you should rely on!

We used homemade cream cheese, sour cream, and mozzarella to make the dip. Plus, we have enhanced its taste by using the sachet of onion soup. You can also add your favorite veggies to the dip to make it healthier and crunchy!

So, let’s see how you can make this party dish at home easily! 

Quick Stats 

Prep time: 10 minutes 

Cooking time: 20 minutes 

Servings: 8 serves 


  • 250g frozen spinach
  • 1 medium cob loaf
  • 125g sour cream
  • 250g cream cheese
  • 1 onion soup sachet, 35g
  • 100g mozzarella, grated
  • ½ cup milk

To serve 

  • Raw vegetables, sliced to serve
  • Crackers, optional

Method to Prepare 

  • Preheat the oven to 170°C fan bake and add frozen spinach to a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Slide it into the oven and microwave it for a minute. After a minute, remove it from the oven, place it in a sieve, and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Meanwhile, cut the top off the cob loaf and remove the inside of the bread gently.
  • Cut the filling into 2cm strips and place on a lined tray with the cob loaf.
  • Slide it into the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we will prepare the dip.
  • Take a saucepan and add spinach to it. Cook it for a minute. Then add the sour cream and homemade cream cheese and give it a good mix.
  • Stir until the cream cheese has melted and everything is well combined.
  • Then, add the French onion soup sachet and mix well to combine. Then, sprinkle some mozzarella.
  • Pour milk and stir well to combine.
  • Now, remove the bread from the oven and pour the hot dip into the hollowed cob loaf.
  • Serve it with veggies and pieces of baked bread on the side.
  • Enjoy!  

Final Words 

A classic dish made with a creamy spinach dip and served in a crusty loaf of bread and a combination of spinach and various veggies. This is a simple party snack that will be a favorite of everyone! All you need are just 6 ingredients and 10 minutes in the kitchen to whip up this delicious and healthy delicacy. So, try it and get this flavorful bread bowl dip to mesmerize everyone!

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